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ladies only fitness kickboxing

Sorry guys, this one’s just for the girls!

Small group sessions held in our newly refurbished purpose built Martial Arts Gym, with wall-to-wall 25mm foam jig-saw matting and all the proper training equipment you’ll need on hand. Comfortable changing and rest area with hot & cold drinks and snack machines with plenty of room to sit.



The Devon Martial Arts ‘Ladies Only Fitness Kickboxing’ program has been developed by Master Jonny Black 8th Degree Black Belt. Master Black is one of the most experienced & respected martial artists in the world. Not only has he been training in martial arts since the early 70’s, his background as a physical training instructor in the army and his many years working as a fitness instructor means he understands what works and how to get the best out of your body.

Master Black has been teaching martial arts based fitness to music for a very long time. In fact years before the ‘Combat’ style  programs became common place.

This knowledge has been passed down to Master Black’s top student, Brett Dowling 4th Degree Black Belt. Brett is not only Master Black’s assistant instructor to his longstanding Taekwon-Do classes, but he also runs his own successful Kickboxing School, So you have a real Kickboxing instructor teaching the Ladies Only Fitness Kickboxing classes.

There’s also one other main difference from the usual ‘Combat’ style class. With our classes the instructor isn’t at the front of the class setting the pace and carrying on regardless of whether you can keep up or are getting the full benefit by performing techniques correctly - he will be right there with you, helping you & guiding you through the entire session. ©


Most popular ‘Combat’ style classes fit the routine around a set piece of music. The problem with this is that the student has to keep up and has no time to concentrate on the technique and in many cases perform them incorrectly, which means you don’t get the full benefit of the workout. The music we play is for motivation & rhythm only, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your workout at your own pace. Smaller, friendlier group sessions will make you as an individual the focus of the workout, after all it is your session!

how will it benefit me?
so what’s so different about this?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how young you are or how fit you are! Our sessions are designed to work for you as an individual. We have different levels based on skill & fitness, but every session will allow any individual to get the best from their own workout. You won’t have to try to keep up with someone who knows set routines leaving you behind because you don’t know it - you work at your own pace so won’t miss out or hold anyone else back.

i'm older, is it just for younger, fitter girls?