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mutton club
mutton club

All too often we hear people say “I’d like to do something but I’m too unfit” or “I’ve got a bad knee so can’t do any training” the excuses just keep on coming!...


The truth is, there isn’t any reason why just about everyone can’t take part in some kind of fitness program.


Following a vicious attack, when the instructors mum was the victim of an attempted mugging just yards from her home, martial arts instructor Brett Dowling decided it was time to start running a special class he’d been planning for several years.


A class designed to bring simple self defence techniques to the older or less active person who are not suited to joining a typical martial arts class. At the same time he could help improve their general level of fitness and flexibility while having a good time and enjoying the company of others in a small friendly class.


The Mutton Club was born! So why call it the Mutton Club? It’s nothing more than a tongue-in-cheek name designed to bring a smile to peoples faces. A light hearted look at yourself and the others around you.  


Although the idea is to to make the classes fun & enjoyable, there are serious lessons to be learnt! The training not only helps to improve general health, fitness and flexibility but also teaches simple, but effective techniques to help defend yourself and become more aware of possible dangers around you.


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