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Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Stephen Segal all do it. The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" did it, too. And don't forget that you can see it every weekday on the "Power Ranger" episodes as well. Demonstrations of martial arts in movies and on television add an element of excitement and action. This action is often imitated by young children on playgrounds or at home.

If a child shows an interest in "the moves," should a parent consider enrolling them in a martial arts class? What benefits would martial arts training provide? Is it worth it?

Martial Arts class is not childcare. Don't do yourself, your child, and the instructor the disservice of thinking that it is. It is a class; your child will be there to learn. Because you know what happens when a kid is taught bad Martial Arts? They get beaten up by someone because they thought they were more capable than they were, or perhaps they have developed the wrong attitude. This destroys their confidence and makes them more of a target than they were before. Better the child learn nothing than incorrectly.

We teach 'Conflict Avoidance' making kids aware of their surroundings and the people around them. We do not condone violence or aggressive behaviour. Our classes encourage kids to be confident but not arrogant, which will make them less of a target for bullies. This doesn't mean we don't teach practical and useful self defence, our system will help your child to defend themselves if needed.


We have all seen Martial Arts in the movies, but did you know that Martial Arts is more than just punching and kicking? It is about discipline, respect, honesty and trust. For children and teens Martial Arts is a way to learn self-control, self-respect and self-discipline while at the same time having fun.

Kickboxing isn't just a great way to keep fit and learn how to defend yourself, it's also a great opportunity to meet new friends and even get the chance to travel to competitions. There are lots of social events too that include the whole family such as fetes, demonstrations,camps and parties.

kickboxing for my kids?
what else should i know?

We teach Kickboxing to kids as young as 7 years and adults near to 60. The adult classes are suitable for the over 14's who tend to enjoy a good workout for any number of reasons. Lose weight, get fit, improve flexibility, learn self defence, or just for the social benefits, people come to train for all sorts of reasons. The reason people keep training might be completely different!

Many people find that when they start to learn a Martial Art it's quite different to how they thought it would be. Some people think they will get hurt or injured, some think they will be used as target practice, some even think it will be like the cage fighting or ultimate fighting they've seen on TV. The truth is, there are very few injuries in Martial Arts. Over the last ten years I've seen far more students with injuries from playing football than from training in Martial Arts. As for the full contact fighting; there are specialist clubs that train for that type of competition. Not all students want to compete, for those that do we have regular competitions whether you participate or watch is up to you.

i'm older, is it just for kids?

With the pressures kids have these days they need a positive environment to mature and grow. We provide that environment. Through our Kickboxing classes, your child's concentration, coordination and fitness level will also increase. The skills they learn will help them enter society with more confidence and enthusiasm.

One of the greatest feelings you will have as a parent, is to see your child achieve. Whether it's passing their first grading, winning their first medal at a tournament or like me, watching your child teach his first class in his own school. There is no greater reward in life.©


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