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"Here I leave Taekwon-Do for mankind as a trace of man of the late 20th century. The 24 patterns represent 24 hours, one day, or all my life. The name of the pattern, the number of movements, and the diagrammatic symbol of each pattern symbolizes either heroic figures in Korean history or instances relating to historical events".


General Choi, Hong Hi. 1918 - 2002

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As a parent there is no greater reward than seeing your children achieving. Structured classes ensure students constantly achieve new goals, whether it’s finding the courage to join in a new class, learning their first techniques, passing their first grading, winning a medal in a competition or becoming a Black Belt.

As a student of Taekwon-Do you will reap the rewards from the moment you step into the class. You will meet new people and make new friends. You will learn new and exciting skills that will help to keep you fitter, more healthy, flexible, confident and might even save your life one day. You will set yourself new goals that are achievable and constantly changing, as you’ll find yourself setting your sights higher as you begin to see your true potential, not only as a martial artist but also as a person. You will find that training in Taekwon-Do will help with other aspects of your life as you embrace new challenges.

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As a student of Taekwon-Do you will need to learn an extraordinary amount of techniques, disciplines & theory. This learning process is broken down into manageable sections, in which you will learn the the appropriate skills to take a grading to earn your next level of belt colour.


General Choi Hong Hi

Founder of Taekwon-Do

General Choi looks on as two nervous Exeter Taekwon-Do students perform a pattern. Members of the newly formed P.U.M.A. group, Mr Billy Khoo & Mr Brett Dowling attended the very last UK seminar held by the General to welcome P.U.M.A. Into the I.T.F.

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